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Due to limited amount of glowbelt remaining, please call or email us for a current price quote and size availibity.

Padded Breastplate - Style PD with Horse Shoe Brand Hardware
in Turquoise Biothane, Glow Belt & Hunter Green Beta


Padded breastplate - Style PD with Horse Shoe Brand Hardware

Turquoise biothane over glow belt and hunter green beta.

This breastplate, with its adjustable soft PVC padded shoulders and upper girth strap, is one of our special colors. The black padded lower shoulders are layered with turquoise biothane over glow belt. This not only give it a dressy appearance but it also glows in the dark. This pattern would look very nice in other color combinations. Give us a call if you are interested in this design in different colors.

PD7-QZG - Not available in glowbelt

To order a breastplate like this one or a similar one, please contact us.

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