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Horse Tack in Biothane & Beta
Endurance Riding & Trail Riding

 Breastplates & Breast Collars
Biothane & Beta
Endurance & Trail Riding

We have a variety of endurance breastplate and breast collar styles with options (see below). These breastplates are good choices for trail riding, competitive trail riding and riding in mountainous terrain.

Please feel free to call or email if you have questions or requests for endurance breastplates and breast collars not pictured.


 The above breastplate is in style #PD

  Sizing Chart for Breastplates



 Breastplate - Style PD - Main Page

This breastplate has adjustable shoulders. It features black PVC soft padding on the shoulders and upper girth strap. In several color arrangements.


  Breastplate - Style D

This breastplate has adjustable shoulders featuring 1”  wide super heavy beta with an adjustable overlay of 3/4” biothane (or beta). Style D a good choice when you prefer a wider breastplate, but want to retain the softness and flexibility of beta. It is also a good choice when 2 colors are preferred because the acquired design look does  not change or stiffen.


 Breastplate - Style S

This breastplate has adjustable shoulders, wither strap, saddle connector straps and girth strap. It is a simple lightweight design. Style S breastplate shoulders, wither and girth strap are adjusted by conway buckles.


 Girth Loops

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