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 Endurance Breastplate - Style D #1
Beta or Biothane Color on shoulders


Style D is one of our most popular endurance breastplates well suited for endurance riding, trail riding and riding in mountainous terrain. Soft and flexible, it has the feel of a good quality leather. Completely adjustable, this style has super-heavy padding between the buckles and the horse's shoulders, a safeguard against direct buckle contact.

This breastplate has adjustable shoulders featuring 1" wide super heavy beta. It has an adjustable overlay of 3/4" beta. Using beta as the top and lower color gives it the most flexibility. If you want softer padding on the shoulders, see Breastplate Style PD.

BD - $195.00

BDss - $195.00
Stainless Steel

BD hsb - $265.00
Horse Shoe Brand

Please check the sizing chart.

  Sizing Chart for Breastplates



Red Beta

Click above link for larger view.


Violet beta

Click above link for larger view.

The above breastplate may be ordered online below. Choose solid brass hardware, stainless steel hardware or stainless steel Horse Shoe Brand hardware. Three sizes are available. Please check the sizing chart for breastplate. This breastplate style may ordered with PayPal or a credit card in 10 beta colors and 10 biothane colors.

 Items may be order with PayPal or by Credit Card


Breastplate - Style D #2B
3/4" Beta Color on full shoulders

Choose your size, hardware and color.

size, price, hardware
Beta Color/black beta

 Breastplate - Style D #2
3/4" Biothane Color on full shoulders

Choose your size, hardware and color.

size, price, hardware
3/4" biothane color/over black beta

Color Combinations

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