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Brow Headstalls

Brow Headstall Sizing

We refer to bridle and headstall
as the same item.

 Sizing Charts
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Bridle How to measure:
The browband and headstall lengths are the most important measurements needed for sizing a piece of tack. To accurately obtain the correct dimensions, measure an existing properly fitting bridle/headstall. Do not measure the horse. If you do, your measurements will be inaccurate. The directions below and the chart above should assist you in acquiring these correct measurements.
Browband Measure the distance from the front edge (sew line) of the crown, across to the front edge on the other side (A - B). 
Bridle length Measure the distance from the fold where the bridle connects to the bit on one side, over the crown, to where the bridle connects to the bit on the other side (C - D). It is best to measure the parts flat and in sections for accuracy. Please do not measure on a curve. Measuring on a curve will add an undetermined length.
Throatlatch Measure the total fitted length - above next to the crown and lower throatlatch.

Measurements below are the fitted measurements - smallest to longest fit (S-L) on the left and best fit on the right (B F).  


Arab/cob S-L

 Arab/Cob size B F

 Horse size S-L

Horse size B F 

Bridle length

33" - 41"  
83.8 cm - 104.1 cm

94 cm

36" - 44"  
91.5 cm - 111.8 cm

101.6 cm


33 cm

13 1/2"  
34.3 cm

37" - 40"  
83.8 cm - 101.6 cm

40 1/2" - 43 1/2"  
102.9 cm - 110.5 cm

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