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"Good Buddies"
22" x 28"

Printed from a Watercolor.

Printed on a heavy acid free paper, suitable for framing. The print is a limited edition of 500 and is personally signed and numbered by Gail.

When mild-mannered and gifted artist, Gail Hought of Hought Fine Art and Leather and Endurance Tack, was asked what her motivation was that inspired her to paint this piece, she replied:

"I was at an Expo in 1990 when I saw this talented team of Belgian horses for the first time. I was so impressed with the harmonious relationship between the teams. They really seemed like 'Good Buddies' and I wanted very much to capture the essence of the bond of friendship they so obviously enjoyed amongst themselves. It was a beautiful site to behold and I had never seen this gentle companionable characteristic in horses anywhere, nor have I come across it anywhere else. I was very touched by it and I also received much satisfaction while working on this piece."

A little bit about these famous draft horses:

This breed comes from the West-Brabantian region of Belgium. They are one of the strongest of the heavy breeds and on average the Belgian horse will grow to weigh slightly over 1 ton or 2000 pounds. They are able to pull tremendous weights and a team of Belgians has been known to pull 17,000 pounds for a distance of just over 7 feet. The use for Belgian draft teams was originally for farming, and while they are still used as work horses, they have become popular as show horses, gaming horses, and even as trail riding horses. They are universally known to be excellent and willing workers, possess a very amiable personality, and are appreciated for their unique and rugged beauty.

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