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Super Grip Beta Reins 

Beta Non Nubby Grip Reins

Non-nubby grip reins look exactly like regular beta reins except for feel. Their texture falls between beta reins and Super Grip rains. They are good for the rider who does not want the nubby texture of Super Grip, but wants more grip than beta. They come in black only. CHESTNUT BROWN IS AVAILABLE NOW.


Non Nubby Grip with with sewn in buckles

Reins made of non nubby rein grip.

Reins with conways and scissor snaps.

RCNNGp - $50.00 - brass hardware
RCNNpss - $65.00 - stainless steel hardware



2 Buckle Rein - sewn in center bar buckles and scissor snaps.

RC2NNGp - $70.00 - brass hardware
RC2NNGpss - $85.00 - stainless steel hardware


Other rein options are available. Please call or email if you have other request.

Non Nubby Grip with with sewn in buckles, in black and chestnut brown.

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Black Non Nubby Grip reins - 3/4"


Closed reins with conways and scissor snaps.

or Closed reins with sewn center bar buckles at bit end.


Choose hardware and length.

length, hardware

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