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Horse Tack in Biothane & Beta
Endurance Riding & Trail Riding

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Cruppers designed for Endurance Riding and Trail Riding

Our adjustable cruppers feature three tailpiece styles. The popular PVC tri-fold padded crupper over heavy duty beta, has a soft cushiony feel. It is durable, and when washed, looks like new. The standard tri-fold moccasin leather over heavy-duty beta, is durable and soft. The seeded tailpiece is one we do not manufacture. It is made of a vegetable tanned leather filled with flaxseed that produces an oil which helps prevent rubbing or chaffing. Cruppers come in a choice of beta and biothane colors, and are available in either brass or stainless hardware.

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Crupper Sizing Chart
Your horse’s tail set and your saddle length make a difference in the length of a crupper. It is important to measure carefully and accurately. If you have any doubt, call us for measurement help at 707-839-1871.


CP3K - Standard Crupper with tir-fold PVC or leather tailpiece is 3/4 inch wide, adjustable and features tri-fold PVC (pictured) or black soft moccasin leather over super heavy beta. Pictured with violet beta strap(above).

To view a larger photo showing the 1 inch wide option, other colors and/or hardware choices, and to order online, click on the Standard Crupper link above.

CPY2 - Y2 Style Crupper - Y2 Style Crupper has one-piece straps. These adjustable straps can be used with or without snaps. Pictured in black beta and stainless steel hardware with black padded tri-fold PVC tailpiece. Close-up below. It can substituted for any of the other tri-fold leather tailpieces.

 Close-up of tri-fold PVC padded tailpiece (above).

CPS - Crupper with seeded tailpiece (covered in sewn leather) - The tailpiece buckles to the 3/4 inch wide black beta (pictured) adjustable strap, and has solid brass hardware. Comes in black or brown. Also available with stainless steel hardware.

 English Style Crupper
CPE - English style crupper with long 5/8 inch straps to fit around billet straps. Shown with a black seeded tailpiece in Havana brown beta, with brass hardware.

Color Combinations

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