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Toklat Woolback Cinches

Girths & Cinches

Nylon Cinch, Breast Collar and Breastplate products lined with Woolback pile fabric give the ultimate in protection and cushioning. The natural wicking properties of wool increase the ventilation and cooling effect of rapid moisture evaporation reducing heat build up and galling. These products feature heavy webbing, reinforced stitching at stress points and Stainless Steel hardware.

Sizes: 24"- 38"

#50-930SW - Woolback - $74.00 (Pictured immediately below.)

#50-930SEW - Woolback - $87.00 - Expandable at one end. (not pictured)

Nylon Web Colors: Black or Brown (blue webbing not available)

Coolback fleece - same cinch as above with one of the colors below:

#50-930S - Coolback - $63.00

#50-930SE - Coolback - $78.00 - Expandable at one end.

Coolback fleece colors: Black, Blue, Brown, Burgundy, Green, Berry, Lamb, Navy, Purple, Red, Hot Pink, Lime Green, Periwinkle and White

Nylon Web Colors: Black or Brown

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