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Poron® XRD™

Poron® XRD™ with Microban® antimicrobial protection is high performance open-cell foam that offers the best protection from repeated shock absorption. When an object comes in to high speed contact with the foam, XRD™ immediately firms and absorbs 90% of the energy, creating a protective shield that absorbs the impact. It then returns to a submissive state where it remains flexible and non-restrictive. The air-permeable open cells resist collecting moisture and perspiration on the surface of the skin—the flex of the material allows air to circulate freely. The perforated Poron XRD™ further ventilates the material for better heat and moisture management. Microban® inhibits bacteria, mold and mildew.



Foam density is measured in pounds per cubic foot. In standard foams, the more dense the foam, the heavier it is. However, the molecular structure of Poron® XRD™ provides a high level of impact absorption even at lower densities, allowing us to develop ultra-lightweight inserts that protect the horse without adding the unnecessary weight that gels and other memory foams add. T3 inserts use Poro n® with a density of 12 pcf. Hex XRD™ is 22 pcf.



Etc™ fabric uses advanced technology to create a non-slip but anti-friction surface. Typically, “non-slip” depends on friction for grip and friction creates heat. Etc™ provides a non-slip surface with grip but its anti-friction properties minimizes heat buildup.

Etc™ is more stain resistant than poly/cotton traditionally used in saddle pads, so washes easily and well.

Machine washable, dryer safe. Can be bleached (use color safe bleach for colors). Made in the USA.

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