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S Hackamore with Headstall


Shown with black beta headstall and wine biothane overlay. The headstall has shorter cheeks to accommodate the S Hackamore. This headstall has the sewn upper throatlatch that adds neatness and comfort.

The noseband is a custom replacement for the rope nose that can be buckled on the S Hackamore. It has the soft beta on the underside.

The wire bit hobble has been replaced with biothane.

All sets are now priced with ss English chain. The original chain that comes with s.hackamores will rust. The ss English chain is also easier to adjust the length.

Wine Biothane/Black Beta (pictured left)


Price: $220.00 - brass hardware
Price: $235.00 - stainless steel hardware

Ask about customizing.

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This padded noseband can be added to any color or hardware choice- (additional $10.00).

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