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This exact color combination is not available any longer because we are now out of 3/4" glowbelt, but we can make it the same colors with a different color arrangement. We have 1/2" and 1" glowbelt. The breastplate matching this set is still available.

S Hackamore Set in 4 colors
with PVC padding on the noseband & Horse Shoe Brand stainless steel hardware.



Includes the S Hackamore, noseband and headstall in reflective biothane combined with glowbelt, hunter green and black beta in stainless steel Horse Shoe Brand hardware. The PVC padded noseband has the reflective biothane and hunter green beta over glowbelt.

The wire bit hobble has been replaced with beta.

The standard S Hackamore curb chain has been replaced with a stainless steel English curb chain and hooks. S Hackamore metal cheeks are stainless steel. Click to view larger close-up photo. This set includes stainless steel English chain & hooks.

Order #: SHacRv/K/G/Z7
Price: $400.00

Please call or email if you like a similar combination using other colors.


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