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S Hackamore Sets with beta curb strap



 S Hackamore Set with beta curb strap.

Biothane colors over black beta

Pictured in dayglow blue biothane over black beta with PVC padded noseband.



Price: $220.00 - brass hardware
Price: $235.00 - stainless steel hardware
Price: $305.00 - Horse Shoe Brand hardware pictured)




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Keri Riddick emailed me this photo with a note after receiving her tack. I appreciate her for letting me share both.

Thank you for the most stunning set of tack, it is absolutely gorgeous and I look forward to riding with it for decades to come.  My horse looks really sharp with it, I need to get a better picture where he looks more animated!

I appreciate the time you took with me to help me make these decisions, I cannot imagine what I would have come up with on my own, but it would not have been great.  

Definitely, the Georgia clay will have zero affect on these colors!!!

Thank you again!


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  S. Hackamore Set with beta curb strap

Choose the size, choice of hardware (brass or stainless steel), beta or PVC padded noseband.

hardware, beta or PVC padded
beta color/black beta

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