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   Roo Lace Endurance Reins
in Custom Colors

Custom, high quality, hand cut kangaroo laced English Reins. Hand cut lacing is higher quality because it is cut from “Roo” hides that are specifically tanned for braiding unlike hides tanned for boots. “Roo” is somewhat elastic in nature therefore it does not become brittle or crack with normal care and use. The fibers in “Roo” run perpendicular to each other unlike cow hide fibers all of which run parallel to each other.


With sewn center buckles:

R/L2b-ss - $125.00

R/L2g - brass - $110

R/L-hsb-ss - $125.00


With conways:

R/L-ss - $105.00

R/L- brass - $95.00

Options: 9’, 10’ or custom lengths
Black or Brown
5/8” or 3/4” widths

Added color at bit end - $15 extra



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