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 Deluxe Add-On Headstall
Glowbelt & Reflective Biothane over Black Beta
 Due to limited amount of glowbelt remaining, please call or email us for a current price quote and size availibity.

Notice to customers:
We are down to the last rolls of glowbelt. When these three rolls are gone, no more will be available. If you have considered having a piece of tack made using glowbelt, now may be the time while our stock lasts.

This Reflective and Black Beta Deluxe Add-On Headstall offers the following features:

1) 5/8" headstall.

2) Reflective on nose, brow and halter cheeks.

3) 3/4" halter.



ADXRv/Ks - Price: $315.00
Stainless Steel - pictured left

ADXRv/Khsb - Price: $345.00
Horse Shoe Brand - pictured right



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