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Standard colors in some unusal patterns

Deluxe Add-On Headstall


These Add-On Headstalls offer the following features:
1) 5/8" headstall.
2) Overlays on nose, brow and halter cheeks.
3) Combo 5/8"/3/4" halter


ADX8 - Price: $180.00
solid brass

ADX8s - Price: $195.00
stainless steel (This headstall is the double buckle style - extra $15 extra, making total $210)

ADX8hsb - Price: $275.00

Colors are:
dayglow blue (319) biothane over blue beta and red beta
stainless steel

These colors can be replaced by colors of your choice. Just use your imagination.

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Biothane & Beta Colors

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