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You may order this headstall online in Arab or horse size. If you need any type of custom sizing, color or custom features, please email or give us a call.
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  Deluxe Endurance Headstall

This Endurance Headstall offers the following features:

1) Sewn throatlatch. (Upper portion of throatlatch is sewn to the crown. This keeps it in place plus there is less bulk behind the horse's ears.)

2) Use of pinned rings in place of the halter squares. These rings keep the noseband perpendicular to the headstall cheeks.

3) Two piece adjustable chinstrap is sewn on the pinned rings, making it easier to adjust with less stiffness than the standard chinstrap.

4) Two piece lower throatlatch. (Adjustable buckle on "off side" and bolt snap on the "on side".)

Bit hangers are included with the headstall.

Shown in - Black beta over glowbelt.

The ordering code for this bridle as shown is:


$200.00 in brass as pictured

$215.00 in stainless steel


How to order  or Questions

Call us at 1-800-839-1164

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Horse Size 
EH3GB - Black beta over glowbelt
Brass hardware - $200.00


 EH3GBs - Black beta over glowbelt
SS hardware - $200.00



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