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Standard Dog Collars
Beta & Biothane

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 Beta & Biothane Dog Collars with Glowbelt Overlay

Notice to customers:
We are down to the last rolls of glowbelt. When these three rolls are gone, no more will be available. If you have considered having a piece of tack made using glowbelt, now may be the time while our stock lasts. We only have 1/2" and 1" left, no 3/4".



 Glowbelt over White Beta
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 Glowbeltover Black Beta
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 Glowbelt over Violet Beta
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Glowbelt over Red Beta
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Dog Collar Measurement Guide:

Measure your dog’s neck for the fit you desire - take into consideration how tight you want the fit and where you want the collar to sit.

For the most accurate fit, measure an existing well-fitting collar.

The measure we need is from A - B in the diagram above. A is end of the buckle and B is the hole that is the correct fit. The holes begin 2 1/2" from the tip and there are 5 holes at 3/4" apart.

Dog Collars with Glowbelt overlay.



Standard dog collar - 3/4" beta

1/2" Glowbelt over the follow color choices:

Color choices: black, orange, red, chestnut brown, blue, hunter green, yellow, purple, white.

Sizes from 12" to 25"

stainless hardware - glowbelt OL in 1/2"
Color choices
larger sizes

 Standard dog collar - 3/4" biothane

1/2" Glowbelt over the follow color choices:

Color choices: black, orange, red, royal blue, yellow, day glow blue, turquoise, pink, white, wine.

Sizes from 12" to 25"

hardware & price
Biothane Color choices
larger sizes

 Please contact us to inquire about other color choices or if you need a another size choice.

 Email - hought@hought.com

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