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Add-On Headstall
in Standard Beta Colors

In Color pattern #3

The color pattern on this Deluxe Add-On Headstall gives the customer a choice with more color. The cheeks and crown of the headstall are in the contrasting color as well as the usual areas of the crown, brow, noseband and halter cheeks. (The halter crown is color option that makes this color pattern #3)

This set is in teal beta over blue beta. We can make other combinations that you may choose. Please contact us.

This Deluxe Add-On Headstall comes with all the same features as our standard Add-On Headstall but with the following added features: It has the same pinned rings as our Deluxe Endurance Headstall #3 line, which is especially nice because the halter noseband stays at right angles to the cheeks. The rings are also lighter, but strong and reduce the chance of any rubbing.

The Deluxe Add-On Headstall is one of our most popular styles. The halter can stay on your horse for use as a regular halter, then the headstall is added by snapping the brow around the crown of the halter. The halter then functions as the throatlatch.

Note: Reverse the process when removing the headstall.
How to use the Add-On Headstall

Headstall or halter available separately



ADX8-3 - Price: $180.00
Solid Brass

ADX8-3s - Price: $195.00
Stainless Steel

ADX8-3-HSB - Price: $275.00
Horse Shoe Brand

http://www.hought.com/add.on.hs-del1-main page.html

Teal Beta/Blue Beta  Xanax

This combination in in teal beta and blue beta may ordered on this page.

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Color Combinations


 How to use the Add-On Headstall ultram

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