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The Art of Braiding, Romal Reins I

4 Sets of Romal Reins
Braided Bracelets
Miniature Bosal
Bolo & Key Fob
Dog Collar & Leash

All color.
Most detailed in series.
Working and braiding with rawhide.
Braiding & expanding long buttons.
8 New “Skill Builder” projects.
Detailed index to all books.

Images from the new braiding book:


The Art of Braiding plastic spiral binding has recently been upgraded to a stronger yet attractive black wire binding, one that is not only resistant to heat and the wear and tear of rigorous use, but it still allows the book to lay flat open as the braider works through the instructional pages. We trust you will be please with this new binding. 

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 The Art of Braiding, The Romal Reins I"


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2 Braided bracelets: Both based on the rein connector as a pattern. One is basic and easy and the other (above) has a full arrangement of buttons.



Dog collar and dog leashes - This book gives the basic instruction for plaiting and joining the plaited ends. Braiding dog collars and dog leashes require the same braiding skills necessary for other braided items. There are no short cuts. You may not need to learn advanced braids or buttons but time should be invested in the material preparation, plaiting 4, 6, 8, learning to splice the plaited ends and braiding some of the most basic buttons - Spanish Ring Knots, 4 & 6 bight Turks heads with herringbone or gaucho interweaves and long pineapple buttons. Another addition can be lacing a wear leather on the hand loop or any other idea you might find attractive.



The ongoing series includes:

The Art of Braiding The Basics - Third Revised Ed.

The Art of Braiding , The Bosal-Revised

The Art of Braiding, Bosal II

The Art of Braiding, Long Pineapple Button

The Art of Braiding, Romal Reins ll

The Art of Braiding, Small Projects – Book 1

The Art of Braiding, Turk's Heads 1

"The Art of Braiding, Turk's Head II" NEW

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