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"The Art of Braiding, Turk's Head II "

Turk's Head II

All the Turk's heads and interweave patterns in this book are new to me, therefore, I have not instructed them in any of my other books. As I was deciding on these, I explored many possibilities.  Of those possibilities, I only chose buttons and knots I felt I would want to braid again.   These were the ones I found fascinating, attractive and fun to braid.  Others I explored did not fit this criteria so were eliminated.  The buttons and knots included range from easy to braid to more complicated and challenging, but all are interesting and enjoyable to work.

There are a few new interweaves on the very versatile 5 part, 4 bight / 7 part, 6 bight series of Turk's heads. I have always considered these series of Turk's heads the most important to learn. You may find more reasons to learn it.

More information of what is included in this new book, plus new photos of these Turk's head will be added to this page on an ongoing basis.

We plan to have The Art of Braiding, Turk's Head II ready in time for the Holidays.

Price: $69


Some cropped close-ups of the instructions.


A variety of the buttons in this Turk's Head II book (below):


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The Art of Braiding, Turk's Head II



The Art of Braiding, Turk's Head II

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