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"The Art of Braiding, Long Pineapple Button "


The Long Pineapple Button

This book is based on the long pineapple button. It may be braided 4 bight, 6 bight, 8 bight or more.

Much of this book is written and illustrated to be a good reference source on the long pineapple button. This button in any bight size can be interweaved in herringbone or gaucho. It can also be doubled for an interweave.

I have given instruction and examples of how a long button of different numbers of bights and turns will allow various interweaves. The long pineapple button, in various sizes of bights and turns, can be used for many braided items, both small and large.

For those who like a challenge, I have included 2 long pineapple buttons that are a gaucho interweave on one end and herringbone interweave for the remainder of the button. Both are braided with a single string. One is the shortest long button with 8 bights in 2 turns, the other is 6 bights in three turns.

I feel that along with 4, 6 and 8 bight Turk's Heads with its many interweaves, if a braider can really understand this long button, the braider's options are unlimited.

I have used a variation of this button more than 40 times in items in The Art of Braiding, Small Projects – Book 1

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A variety of the buttons in this Long Pineapple Button book (below):


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"The Art of Braiding, Long Pineapple Button"


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"The Art of Braiding, Long Pineapple Button"

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