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Eric Hought

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This section is just that, babble. The thoughts and ideas are incomplete. They are things that I think of while riding. They may or may not develop into a topic to discuss.

The first example will be the title of the book Thinking Harmony by Tom Dorrance. I read this book several years ago. It was way over my head. I was looking for some key concepts about “training” horses. I missed the whole point. I think that I understand that he is presenting a philosophy of life that brings us together with the horse as one. So, when we use the concept of “preparing” the horse rather than “training” the horse, we open up a whole new world of feel, observation and perception. The more I learn, the less I know.

I will use this idea as a spring board from which to launch discussion. The main thing that I will do is break down each skill and refine it. I will refine, refine, until I can’t simplify it any further. Keep it simple, simple, simple.

11/10/01 - SHANK SNAFFLE


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