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Eric Hought

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Tempest has been in the zone for three weeks or so. But, being in the zone doesn't mean everything is cool. She has arrived at the point where she could be compared to a fourteen year old, a teenager. She has the tools and thinks she knows it all.

What do we do? The worst thing I could do is make her rides longer and more difficult. NOT!! This is where we just keep riding. She may be real hard to ride but we just go the distance and keep it positive. What we are doing is building the perimeters that she has to stay within. She gets to continue being successful on each ride. Wait, Wait, Wait!

The difficult part this time of year, November, is slick footing, thus making it challenging for keeping a leg on each side and me on top in the middle. She has the basic skills so we just put our time on her and wait until next August. It will take that long and I don't expect her to improve before then. There's no way to know ahead, but we'll just keep riding.

 11/8/01 - BABBLE #1

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