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Plenty's First LD

The first LD ride for Plenty was at Death Valley. The results of that trip are very impressive. The trip included two days travel both ways and being tied to the trailer for 4 solid days except the two days of LD she did. What's the value?

Plenty had always been very aloof towards me. I could pet her but she would pull away if I didn't hold her head. Since that trip she has improved by 75%. She is much more receptive and likes being rubbed. Going that distance and being tied for basically 8 days caused change in her. The best part is that no pain was issued and she had hay and water in front of her all the time. So, the practice of being tied has great ability to cause change in attitude without causing pain.

I expect to see some change in Tempest when she goes to her first LD at the Grant Ranch. We will just go the distance by ourselves as much as possible. Her attitude should change for the better by travel to and from and going the distance.

I have heard from old timers that they have tied horses for many days at a time. One fellow said that he had tied one for 4 days. He likes horses so I know that he wasn't doing it to be mean. They would feed and water them at specific intervals. Tying one like this gives them time to think about their privileges that have been taken away. The length of time will vary depending upon the strength of the mind of the horse. Tuff ones will take longer than ones who are running a bluff. The point that I want to make is that tying one for extended periods of time will cause positive change. And, it can be done while you are cleaning the stall, gardening or watching the ball game. It is good to check on them from time to time and I usually go and pet them, rub them and talk to them. That is mostly for me but I usually do it to give them some attention. You can also check to see what their frame of mind is like. If they are softening that's good.

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