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Eric Hought

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The last five rides by Tempest have been outstanding. This is the first I have looked forward to the next ride. She has achieved a level in her "preparation" where she is demonstrating good self control.

I am able to ride her in any gait on a slack rein and she makes no effort to push, thanks rate. If she pushes, all I do is "feel" her in the face. If she backs off, great. If not, I will slowly increase until she hears me. When she "hears" me and comes to me with her body, I release. To stop, I quit riding with my body and "feel" her in the face, she stops.

To quit riding I mean that I push my feet forward and sit down. Remember? A creature of habit. When "she" feels that, she begins stopping. It is important that I am consistent because "she"feels the stop, which is correct. Remember also, a horse wants to be comfortable. When I stop riding I get out of time with her and she becomes uncomfortable. She knows by stopping she can find the comfort zone. Just keep it simple. She can understand and she does, she knows how to find comfort.

Preparing a horse is so simple it is difficult. So, the question is, how simple can we make it?

This log entry is so simple, yet so large, that it can easily be over looked. The description, if presented clearly, is the cornerstone to the house. The arrival to this point, has been a steep up hill grade. Now, it is a long gradual incline for the next two to three years.


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