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Eric Hought

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I hope that the log entries have been interesting and of value to the readers. My style works for me and my hope is that bits and pieces will be of assistance to others. The important part of my style is that I am always looking for a way to make it simpler.

The horse is a creature of habit and wants to be comfortable. Remembering that, keep it simple.

Our goal is to foster and develop good habits only. All we have to do is offer a little discomfort to cause change in behavior. Not pain, discomfort. It might be just taking away some air to cause them to want to find the comfort zone. I constantly search for a way to simplify a maneuver. When I think that I have found it, I continue trying to break it down further.

A person can misunderstand the use of discomfort. One method is taking away some air. This is done by pushing the horse past their comfort zone causing heavy breathing. Usually they will be willing to stop to fill up on air. This is done far before any exhaustion. It doesn't matter how highly conditioned he is either. When he starts breathing heavily, stop. Let him stand and catch some air. If he fidgets, ask him to back until he finds standing still is in the comfort zone. If you have been tying him before and after every ride, he should stand fairly quickly.

 4/29/02-Plenty's First LD


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