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 12 plait Bosal Kit in Kangaroo

 Fancy 3 Color 16 plait Bosal Kit
Gail cuts all the kit materials out the highest quaility hides. The kit strings are cut exactly the same as Gail would use for her bosals.


 Latigo Bosal Kit



Make the bosal in The Art of Braiding, Bosal I

B/kit: Braiding Kit - Bosal - $480.00
Includes Art of Braiding, Bosal I - Revised.

B/kitNB: Braiding Kit - Bosal - $425.00
Does not include book.


* Twisted rawhide core, sized to make a 5/8" diameter core.
* Precut beveled strings cut to length, labeled and sized to make the bosal in the book.
* The Art of Braiding, Bosal I - Revised (not included in BKitNB).
* Friction tape, electrical tape and miscellaneous strings, waxed thread.

Tools and Supplies you will need to complete this bosal:

* 1/4", 1/2" and 3/4" masking tape.
* White Saddle Soap.
* Finish board and stick (described in book - purchase at hardware store).
* Single edge razor blades to cut string ends off and shape heel knot.
* Scissors or knife, brown marking pen, ruler, soft brush.
* Liquid soap or rawhide cream to apply while plaiting.
* Fid.

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Purchase online with book - $480.00  

Braiding Kit B/kit
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Purchase online without book - $425.00

  Braiding Kit B/kitNB
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B/kit: Latigo 5/8" diameter Bosal Kit below 


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Gail and Eric

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Leather prices have been rising at an alarming rate.  Critical evaluation revealed braiding kit costs did not reflect rising material costs be it kangaroo, latigo or rawhide.  New braiding kit prices reflect those rising material costs yet material quality remains as high as always.  All materials must meet my standards before they are included in a kit for you.  Fortunately my labor costs remain unchanged.