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Rawhide Cores

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"Bosal Inner Rawhide Cores"


We have been building rawhide bosal inner cores since 1978. Gail has easily braided over 500 bosals using these rawhide cores. We are now offering these cores for sale. They range in stiffness from medium soft to medium stiff. Core stiffness is subjective. It depends on the perception of the braider and his/her intended application. Every effort has been made to insure that each 36” length core has less than 1/16“ difference between the smallest to largest diameter. Some sanding is required to meet your desired diameter, but they are as uniform as possible.

Cores are $65.00 each and are not returnable. Be sure to specify which size bosal you are braiding because inner cores range in diameter from 3/16“ (pencil bosal) to 3/8” (full size bosal). Please specify the desired diameter of core, when placing your order.

Hint: If you receive one you really like, it would be wise to order more immediately. The chances of getting a mate to the first are good because they will most likely be made from the same hide. Every core we sell meets our standards. We know how difficult quality cores are to find. We do not sell seconds.

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