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 The Art of Braiding, Romal I


The Art of Braiding, Romal Reins I focuses on braiding romal reins. Introduced are four sets of reins, each with different levels of difficulty. One is a basic set with only a few buttons. This may be the best choice for a braider's first romal rein project. The second is what I call a good working set. It is made of solid dark brown roo and is very functional. It has good weight as it has a full array of buttons and is slightly larger in diameter than the other three. The darker color makes it a practical working set. The third is the first romal rein set I braided. I added it to show the arrangement of the buttons. The number of buttons falls between the first set and the other two. The final fancy set is smaller in diameter, has smaller strings and has two toned rawhide buttons.

These projects have given me an opportunity to introduce a number of new elements. There is a wealth of information concerning the preparation and braiding of rawhide strings. In addition, there is instruction for a variety of long buttons that require rawhide. The instructions for the long buttons should aid your understanding of how to enlarge and add a number of interweaves.

Additionally, there is a new balanced interweave on a 6 bight Turk's head with a herringbone interweave. I find it very useful for many projects including romal reins. A very simple interweave for both the short 6 bight Turk's head and the long button is included.

Alternate buttons have also been suggested for several projects. These options provide the opportunity to substitute buttons you may already know for those you may not wish to learn. If you enjoy learning new buttons or variations for buttons you already know, try those I recommend.

The Art of Braiding, Romal Reins I contains several smaller projects that require the same skills necessary to braid romal reins. Additional projects teach new skills and buttons, while others are braiders’ requests.

Included is a comprehensive Index covering all books in the Art of Braiding Series. A Glossary of relevant terms and a Material, Tools and Supplies list has also been added. These helpful references should be of value as you continue to expand your braiding knowledge and skills.

Many advanced skills are in this book. My wish for you is to enjoy the book and have a good time learning and braiding these projects.

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