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 Rawhide and Leather Braided Tack Photo Gallery

Works by Gail Hought

circa 1975 - 1900
This is group of bosal that I braided in 1981 & 1982. Most are latigo with a little calf added for contrasting color. They all have twisted rawhide cores. I have many of these photos taken with a 35mm camera. At the time, I photographed most them with a card that either had the name of who bought the bosal and/or the date.

 These conchos were the ones we using during these years.
The bosal to the right was ordered for Ray Hunt. He liked a raggy soft inner core and I used a piece of an old reata of his. The nose button is 12 bight and cheeks are 16 plait. It is solid latigo and was braided in 1981.  












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