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Eric Hought

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This concept came from a good friend of mine who trains reining horses. He lives in Gainsville, Texas and his name is Richard Sutton.

The visualization of the concept is simple; front door, right side door, rear door and left side door. If you want to execute a pivot to the right, simply close the left side door with that rein and leg, close the front door with the reins, open the right side door with the leg and rein and close the back door with your legs. How do you close the left side door with the left rein and use the same rein to open the right side door? By putting and/or pushing the left rein against the left side of the neck and no contact with the right rein or right leg. Execute the maneuver. Keep the momentum going with your legs, the cluck or both. That's it.

A person can easily modify this to fit his program. A person can learn anything from anyone. You can learn something new that you like or you can learn what not to do because you don't like it or it doesn't fit into your program.

I have found that when I learn something new it can be placed into my program just as it is or I modify it to fit into my program. We are always looking for something to make the program clearer, easier and to help improve our consistency. Keep it simple.

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