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Eric Hought

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Learn to "read" your horse on the ground and when mounted. You are already "reading" but you may not recognize it as "reading". Here's an example, "every time I ride him, he's just like a powder keg." So, our job is to function as a sponge or a receptor of signals sent by the horse.
As your "reads" are more and more correct, your horse will improve, if you reward or correct, correctly.
What are some other ways to describe "read"? interpret, listen, feel, anticipate.
Give yourself credit for what you are "reading" thus far. Everything you "read" you have to "react correctly immediately." Reward correct actions and "fix" incorrect actions. So, where does the rider go wrong?
First by missing the chance to reward immediately, secondly, by over or under correcting. This all takes lots of practice and consistency from the rider. So, how do we know how much of a reaction to give? Simple, only enough to reward or cause change. An example might be as in a teeter totter. Two different sized people are riding a teeter totter. How touchy is it to get the board to balance flat? Only one person has to move slightly to achieve balance.
So, the rider's job is to build a "chest" full of horsemanship skills that are appropriate to use when needed.


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