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How do I know when to change the program? Tempest has told me that she needs to be ridden at least three days in a row and one day off. What does that mean? She's too fresh and it will take that plan consistently for at least a couple of weeks and then evaluate the situation.

I had thought when I had about ten rides on her that she was going to be easy to prepare. The problem is that she has gotten stronger and can easily take a three or four mile ride.

When a person is learning as they go, they get into trouble when they arrive at this point. Many times they add a martingale or another gimmick. That's not what to do. Just keep riding, don't add a gimmick and increase the number of rides per week. Distance may increase once every third or forth day. The solution is keep the ride the same every time. Consistence. Exhaustion is not an option. Structure is what will pay off in time. It is going to take at least a year of riding. So, what's the real problem?

She is demonstrating the strong characteristics of her breeding. I wouldn't describe her as hot. She looks for every tweety bird in the whole forest. Stumbles when there is nothing but a flat, dirt surface. Bolts as though something has grabbed her from behind. These traits are bred into her and will not disappear. I told Gail I will probably need to ride her for the next year and then they will not be solved. Because of my style, I place a lot of importance on brightness, self confidence and because of that it will take a lot of riding to get her solid.

Tempest will need a lot of work. She is to that point where if a person's skills or time to ride are limited they are headed towards undesirable results. She is not easy. Tempest is going to be a good one. The things she is doing right now and probably for a year or so are not going to prevent her from being a good one. This is what makes riding a horse like this filly difficult. The standard answer to this problem would be to go to a gimmick or sell the horse. Tempest is difficult but worth it. Keep the faith and wait.

 3/4/02 - 90 DAYS


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