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The last two rides have been just going the distance. I have done little to no “preparing” because the rides have been 5 to 6 days apart and of course she has been fresh each time. I have not used a shank snaffle on her because of her freshness. I will probably not use one until I can ride her 34 days in a row. That may be next Spring. The weather is changing and because of rain, she will be lucky to be ridden once a week.

Tempest has such a great mind that each ride is a win for her. She has absolutely no resistance to going for a ride. That is mostly her but it also has to do with not taking her for a ride that is too difficult for her. She is going to be a great horse. Her only drawback is being half Arab. GRIN. She has the classic gaits of the Arab, trip, stumble and fall. GRIN. I learned of that description from an endurance rider who has an excess of 24,000 lifetime miles and rides predominately Arabs. I hope that in a couple of years when she is legged up and has much more body strength that this condition will disappear.

Even though she has been fresh she still responds to suggestions in a settled response. She just understands she goes the distance and absolutely shows no awareness that what we are doing is supposed to be work. Again, this is just her attitude. Her mother and grandmother were just like that and I suspect based upon the number of miles her father has completed that he thinks the same. If I were breeding for an endurance horse I would breed to Dr. Thunderbask. When I saw the way that he moves in his video I was immediately sold on him.

1/20/02 - KEEPIN' TRACK

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