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Photo at 8 years of age. Taken at his first 50 mile endurance ride. He completed numerous limited distance rides, five 50 mile endurance rides and the 1990 National Ride & Tie.

  Masada EH

 Photo at 5 years of age.



Photo at 17 years of age.

 Photo at 17 years of age.

 Masada EH is a 16 hand stallion by Doc's Malbec out of Three Tacks (Three Chicks by Three Bars).

He is the model for my prints titled "Tying the Mecate," "Tying the Fiador" and "The Hackamore Knot" on the Hackamore Series Page.

Masada was my main riding horse for 11 years, mostly training for and doing the endurance rides here on the coastal hills. My daughter, Sonia, and I did the 1990 National Champion Ride N Tie on him. He has also done many Trail Trials and has won 1st for Seniors for the year, which included high score in a field of 86 horses. He has been our main baby sitter and the horse we use to pony all our colts. Masada is a very safe trail horse and fun to trail ride. Some of the statements I've said about him throughout the years are: 1) The only horse I know that would make a good human being (very much the gentleman). 2) If I couldn't get home in one piece on him, I never would. 3) Riding him on trails is like going out with my best friend. (He always has a good attitude, never in a bad mood and loves to go new places.) I also call him a closet rail horse. He is a very rewarding horse to train on because he learns so easy. He has never been shown in the arena, but that is where he probably would have excelled.

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