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Fancy 3 color Kangaroo Bosal Set

Bosal Length: 11 3/4"
Diameter: 5/8"

This bosal has a medium/stiff twisted rawhide inner core. It is 16 plait black kangaroo with a saddle tan kangroo nose button and heel knot. The contrasting color is in black and turquoise kangaroo. The rare 6 strand Blind Bob mecate is 5/8" in diameter, black.  It has a braided button to match the bosal, a doubled and sewn popper with matching buttons and includes our maker's stamp. The heel knot has our silver concho with an "H". The black double and sewn bosal hanger has a series of braided buttons that match the bosal. The buckles are stainless Horse Shoe Brand.

Price: $2750




We also prepare Bosal Braiding Kits for those of you who may be interested in braiding your own bosal. These kits provide all precut and beveled strings in either latigo or kangaroo-labeled and sized-and the rawhide core necessary for braiding the working bosal in the Art of Braiding, Bosal I – Revised. The highest quality hides are used, and all the materials are prepared by Gail, as if she were braiding her own bosal. Please click on the Bosal Kits link for more information.


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