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Collector Set #11


These Santa Ynez romal reins are braided from black and red kangaroo and kangaroo rawhide. The reins are 4 strands of 4 plait coming together on the bit end in 16 plait. The romal is 16 plait.

It is pictured with a circa 1960's Visalia bit, Elko style headstall and braided curb strap. The step by step process of braiding these Santa Ynez romal reins will be featured in our new book, "The Art of Braiding, Romal II". This book will cover making the Elko style headstall, braided curb strap along with other braided items. "Romal II"  will also include more instructions on new buttons.


 Sold to a private collection.




The photo to the left is of the connection between the reins and romal.
The photo to the right is a close-up of the reins.
The photo, lower left, is another photo of the Santa Ynez romal reins, this time featured with a modern bit made by California silversmith bit and spur maker, Gordon Hayes.
The photo, bottom center, is a close-up of one of the bit connectors.
The photo, lower right, is a close-up of the popper on the romal. Our makers stamp is on the inside of the popper.





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