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 Collector Set #9


Handsomely styled Collectors Set #9, braided with rawhide and kangaroo in 1989, was inspired by a superior hide I received in a natural shade of pale gray (nearly white) rawhide. The two middle close-ups best represent the true color. The firm hide was perfect for braiding and lovely to work with. To accent the beautiful color of the rawhide, I chose the highest quality black kangaroo then combined it with white mane hair tassels for a final touch.

The bosal is 5/8" in diameter and has a rare and no longer available matching "Blind Bob" rope (mecate). The intricate clean design is interesting. The conchos have round edge braiding and a unique star pattern. The 8 strand braiding is done with a single string.

Collectors set # 9 is lovely to view from all sides. A collector would find this rare and unique one of a kind piece a wonderful addition to their collection.

A certificate of authenticity will accompany this set and will include the date of creation and my signature.

Price: $20,000





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