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 Paintings -
Subject - Endurance Horses
Gail Hought

I really enjoy the endurance horse and the settings they are in as a subject for my paintings. It gives me a wide range of compositions and colors.

I paint in a traditional style of layering the transparent paint. I choose the most transparent watercolors and layer thin coats over previously dry layers to get the colors I want. All parts of the paintings have many layers. Light colors will usually have at least 4 layers and black which is made by layering blues, purples, greens and reds, will have as many as 15 layers of thin paint. The layering gives the transparent watercolor a translucent quality. You actually see through the layers. If the paint is applied thick and just in one or a few layers it becomes opaque & dull. I paint on high quality 300#, 100% rag(cloth) watercolor paper. Most of the paintings are from my own photos and others are from customers.

If you are interested in one of the paintings that I have painted, or commission work, please give me a call. Gail Hought

To view a larger picture of the painting, click on the small images.

Watercolor - 22"x 30" of "Zayante" with Jackie Bumgardner and Nancy Elliot.

Watercolor of  Ron Waltenspiel & Dr. Jamie Kerr with SSebastiani
at Robie Park, 1999 Tevis.

Watercolor - 18" x 24"

 "Chestnut Stud"

Watercolor - 22"x 30"

"Cold Stream in a Bucket"
The Mustang, Robin Hood.
Watercolor - 22"x 30"

Robin Hood was chosen the
AERC Hall of Fame Horse of 2011

He also completed 10,000 miles
and was the 3rd recipient
of the Perfect 10 Award.

"Tevis Vets"

Watercolor - 22"x 30"

"Miles Traveled"

Watercolor - 22"x 30"

 Email - hought@hought.com

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