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by Gail Hought

I paint in a traditional watercolor style of layering the transparent paint. I choose the most transparent watercolors and layer thin coats over previously dry layers to get the colors I want. All parts of the paintings have many layers. Light colors will usually have at least 4 layers and black which is made by layering blues, purples, greens and reds, will have as many as 15 layers of thin paint. The layering gives the transparent watercolor a translucent quality. You actually see through the layers. If the paint is applied thick and just in one or a few layers it becomes opaque & dull. I paint on high quality 300#, 100% rag (cloth) watercolor paper. Most of the paintings are from my own photos and others are from customers.

If you are interested in one of the paintings that I have painted, or commission work, please give me a call. Gail Hought



Portrait of
"Expensive Hobby"
at age 23.

16" x 20"



16" x 26"

 "Cold Stream in a Bucket"

Robin Hood
AERC 2011
Hall of Fame Horse


"Zayante" with Jackie Bumgardner and Nancy Elliot.

 "Tevis Vets"


"Chestnut Stud"

 Ron Waltenspiel & Dr. Jamie Kerr with SSebastiani

at Robie Park, 1999 Tevis.

 "Miles Traveled"

 "Good Buddies"

Prints of this paintings.
See the
Farm Series

 "Mom's Watching"

Prints of this paintings.
See the
Farm Series

 "English Saddle & Wool Cooler"

22" x 28"



Prints of this paintings.
See the
Farm Series

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