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German Martingale & Reins

Karen Fredrickson and MRR Pyro (Murphy) attired in black beta Deluxe Add-On headstall/halter combination and Style D breastplate, both with stainless steel Horse Shoe Brand hardware and German martingale and reins. This team won the Pard'ners Award in 2011 and attained the Perfect 10 award. Murphy was also awarded AERC Hall of Fame Horse in 2015.
 The German martingale and reins are very strong, well not stretch and the hardware will not rust. And like all biothane and beta tack, require no upkeep other than soap and water to clean.

German martingales and reins, in beta and solid brass or stainless steel hardware, are available in closed reins or split reins. Closed reins come in 9 ft. or 10 ft. Split reins come standard at 7 1/2 ft. Center bar buckles are sewn in at the bit end for convenience and versatility.

GM - $135.00 - closed rein - brass hardware
GM-RS $145.00 - split reins - brass hardware

GMss - $150.00 - closed rein - stainless steel hardware
GM-RSss $160.00 - split reins - stainless steel hardware

Options available, such as rein grip in hand area and/or martingale around neck (See photo). Please call for custom reins.

GM/GpK - $160.00 - closed rein with rein grip in hand area. - brass hardware.
GM/GpKss - $175.00 - closed rein with rein grip in hand area. - stainless steel hardware.

Rein grip is available in black, chestnut brown, red and blue.



 Pictured with stainless steel hardware.



 Pictured with
brass hardware.



This ss snap is small yet strong, so it is the best option for the German Martingale. It is also used either face up or face down.

German Martingale with black rein grip in hand area pictured in ss hardware.

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The German Martingale may be ordered on line below with PayPal or a credit card in black or chestnut beta.

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Germain Martingale in closed and split reins.

Choose your choice of hardware, length and color.

Style of rein
Color choices

Germain Martingale, closed reins with rein grip in center.

Choose your choice of hardware, length and color.

Style of rein
Color choices

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