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Super Grip Beta Reins

 Super Grip Matte PVC

The BioPlastic Company sent us this product statement:

"As the number of customers who use BioThane belting in the equine industry continues to grow, so do the number of requests for new products. One of the most consistently requested products has been rein grips. BioPlastics is pleased to introduce our new Super Grip belting! Our Super Grip, unlike any other on the market, contains our standard webbing (1000 lb. break strength/inch of width). This makes the strips usable both as one continuous length, or just as hand grips, depending on your preference. The Super Grip belting is softer than our Beta product, yet has an incredibly grippy surface that will increase your hold even when wet. This product is currently available in 3/4" width only."

Colors available in Super Grip reins are black, chestnut brown, blue and red. Some of the most popular colors are available online below. Please call for other options.


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chestnut brown

Super Grip reins may be ordered on line below with PayPal or a credit card in a variety of beta colors.

 Items may be ordered with PayPal or by Credit Card

If you are charged additional shipping because you ordered multiple items that will be shipped together in a single package, we will refund the excess shipping charge at the time of shipping.

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Super Grip Closed Reins with conways and scissor snaps.

Choose color, brass or ss hardware and rein length.

color of beta & hardware
Below are a few examples of reins with super grip and non nubby grip.



Violet beta / black beta


Pink beta / black beta



Non Nubby Grip Reins

To order online go to this link. 

Color Combinations

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