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 Beta Series BioThane Closed Reins - 1 Piece


Closed single reins - Conway buckles at bit end with scissor snaps. Standard reins lengths are 9 & 10 feet with custom lengths available.

These reins, with their leatherlike feel, have more body and a softer flex than traditional BioThane reins. They do not get stiff when cold or slick when wet, and have the same strength as biothane. The Beta Series has a satin finish and comes in all the beta colors. 5/8 inch or 3/4 inch are standard widths. 1 inch and 1/2 inch width reins are available in most beta colors on request.

Suggestions for choosing rein length:

15.2 hands seems to be the dividing line. Most riders prefer 9 ft. reins, when under 15.2 hands and 10 ft. reins, when taller.

RC - $40.00 - brass hardware
RCss - $55.00 - stainless steel hardware


Beta rein colors

Beta reins may be ordered on line below with PayPal or a credit card in a variety of beta colors.

 Items may be ordered with PayPal or by Credit Card


Closed beta reins with conways and scissor snaps.

The 3/4" width reins are available in many colors. Please contact us if you wish to order 5/8" reins. They are always available in black and chestnut brown.

Choose beta color, hardware, and length 9 or 10 ft.

length, hardware
Beta rein color
Below are a few examples. Click on links for larger image. They may ordered on the links above.


Larger View


Larger View

 Larger View


 Larger View


 Larger View

Larger View


 R-St - Ring Stops


To order online click link below.



 Beta Slobber Straps

Color Combinations

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