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Hought Endurance Ride Schedule
Page last updated on 5/13/2016

These are the rides we plan to attend with our biothane and beta endurance tack. If you are going to be at any these rides, please feel free to stop by. It would be a good time to try tack on your horse for proper size, color choice and design. Look for our Dodge 350 diesel, 4X4, soft sided camper with a three horse Silverlite bumper-pull trailer. We generally set up our booth the day before a ride but, if at any other time you are in need of a piece of tack or want to see any item, we welcome your visit.

Did you know you save on shipping by having your pre-ordered item(s) delivered to a ride we attend? Just let us know in advance so we can coordinate your delivery with the rides below.

May 28-29 - Chalk Rock, CA
June 4-5 - Cooley Ranch, CA
June 18 - Sun River, OR
July 2 - La Grange Ditch, CA
July 3 - Weaver Basin Express, CA
July 23 - Tevis, CA
August 13 - Redwood, CA
September 3-4 - Camp Far West, CA
September 10-11, Cuneo Creek, CA
September 17 - Virginia City, NV
October 8-9 - Trinity River Challenge, CA
October 15- Lake Sonoma, CA
November 25-27 - Gold Rush Shuffle Pioneer, CA

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