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  Deluxe Add-On Headstall
5/8" / 3/4"
With Horse Shoe Brand hardware
Glow Belt/Black Beta

Deluxe Add-On Headstall with our new Horse Shoe Brand stainless steel. The headstall and halter are made in glow belt and black beta. The halter has the sidepull rings and the double buckle option.

Sidepull Rings are $20.00 extra

ADX8-Z/K-em/c - Price: $315.00 (as pictured with sidepull rings)
Stainless Steel & Horse Shoe Brand hardware with black accents.


Buckle close-up 


Western hardware - more choices

 Color Choice

 Arab Size

 Horse Size
ADX8Z/Kem/c - Glow belt/black beta (without sidepull rings)


ADX8Z/OTem/c - Glow belt/Your choice of base color (base color must be beta)



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