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“Classic Black Series”


“Classic Black Series” of endurance and trail tack. Black looks good on all colors of horses. It utilizes mostly beta in various sizes and weights. Black beta are available in more sizes and weights allowing options, such as, feel, strength and fit. See some of the choice below.

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 Deluxe Add-On Headstall

 Aluminum S.Hackamore

Deluxe Halter/Combo
Style #2

German Martingale 




Brow Headstall
Horse Brand Hardware

 German Martingale 

Girth Loop


 Breastplate D

 Classic Brow Headstall
with Endurance Caveson

Irish Martingale 

 Breastplate - Style S

 Beta Biothane English Reins

  Curb Straps



Beta Reins 

 Closed Beta Reins

 Grip Reins

 Beta Slobber Straps


Split Reins

 D&S Split Reins

Split Reins
Center Bar Buckles



Deluxe Add-On Headstall
with Horse Shoe Brand SS Hardware

 Training Fork #2

 Training Fork #6

 Training Fork #5


Deluxe Endurance Headstall
with Horse Shoe Brand ss hardware

 Ride & Tie Headstalls 

 Style A

Training Fork #1


 Style D Breastplate
with Horse Shoe Brand ss hardware

 Brow Headstall


Y2 Style Crupper

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